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Three US Generals on Propaganda and Russia's War

  Three retired American generals have been speaking out about the US leadership’s lack of knowledge of Russia and Ukraine since before Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022.  When General Wesley Clark, a former NATO four star general, talks about Russian geopolitics, he reveals truths like bursts of fresh air. In an interview with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, he recalls a 1999 scene in Ukraine when Putin said, “Ukraine and Russia, we’re more than brothers, we’re in each other’s souls.” Using his hands to express himself, Clark adds, “We’ve never handled Putin the right way. In 2014, we told the Ukrainians to give up Crimea,” as though the US leadership was a fish that swallowed the lure whole. Far from being in Russia’s soul, Ukraine has spent more than two centuries trying to wrest freedom from different incarnations of its empire.  That was after Kyiv's rule of the small territory of Muscovy in the Kyivan Rus State from the 9th to the 13th centuries.  Russi

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